Money and Marriage: The Importance of Money Talks

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Are you having the money talk in your marriage?


Every relationship advice columnist will tell you that communication is key. And it’s not bad advice to take, especially when it comes to money.


According to a study from Kansas State University, the number one predictor of divorce is money. Research noted that arguing about money, especially early in a relationship, is the best predictor of divorce. (1)


Money arguments are longer and usually more intense than other types of marital disagreements. That’s why it is important to open communication about finances with money talks. (1)


Avoid the pitfalls of financial infidelity and arguments that stem from them. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page.


Important money talks to have in your marriage.


Be partners in finances. Sit down together for the monthly budget and be clear of where the household’s money is going. Budget together for growing your retirement nest egg, contributing to your emergency fund, rent, groceries and monthly bills.


Set fun goals. Money talks do not have to take on a dull routine. Have a shared goal to work toward like an annual vacation or an upcoming concert that interests you both.


Don’t hide expenses. Going on a splurge behind your partners back can cause resentment – especially right after you sat down for your monthly budget. Be loyal to your financial partner and keep those splurges at bay. Just remember, you are not only taking away from yourself, but from your partner – be it groceries, rent or money that could have been used for a night out.


Communicate money issues. Express your concerns to your partner. Do they continue to go out of the monthly budget? Are they overspending by eating out on their lunch break? Write down the money issues facing your household and communicate them to your partner.


Set an order to paying off debt. What should you aim to to eliminate first? Agree on where to start – credit card debt, student loan debt or the car loan. Be on the same page on what kind of debt you’re putting the most effort on reducing first.




While it can feel like a sore subject, money plays a vital role in our daily lives. Refusing to have money talks can allow arguments about finances to take hold of your marriage.



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