Plan Provider

Retirement isn’t “one size fits all.”

Retirement isn’t “one size fits all.”

The ProNvest Solution for managed accounts gives individuals

customized investment strategies and portfolios.

Plan providers have long been concerned about the liability of offering investment advice and account management to their plan participants. Legislation in recent years has alleviated many concerns by allowing you to offer managed accounts using a third-party fiduciary advisor. However, even with these changes, a lot of responsibility still remains.


Not only do you have to find the best investment manager to advise on employee assets, but you must perform continuous monitoring of the selected advisor, and ensure their managed account option meets the specific needs of each employer and sponsor.


At ProNvest, we’re always working to enhance our services so that our offering covers the many diverse needs of different clients.


Look no further than ProNvest for:


  • Managed accounts
  • Gap analysis
  • Retirement planning
  • Participant servicing technology
  • Data integration services

The ProNvest Solution

  1. Open Platform of Investment Managers


ProNvest selects and integrates multiple Investment Managers/Registered Investment Advisors into its platform and conducts ongoing research. By offering an open platform of investment managers, ProNvest can provide the following services:


  • Due diligence and monitoring services to select and monitor investment managers
  • Helping the plan sponsor select the investment manager that best meets the needs of its plan
  • Reducing provider fiduciary liability by shifting much of the due diligence effort to the sponsor – Even if the plan decides to switch investment managers voluntarily or involuntarily at a later date
  • Standardizing the integration and operation of each investment manager so that a single integration is required – Single integration helps eliminate additional integration costs, minimizes ongoing support of data connections and use of IT resources, and helps eliminate potential service disruption to participants 


  1. Integration and Technical Services 


ProNvest’s record-keeping systems specialize in defined-contribution plans. That, paired with our technical integration activities, help us implement these services quickly and efficiently – while using fewer resources.


  1. Flexible Business Models 


ProNvest offers a choice of service options: a full service delivery that includes a retirement planning application, a dedicated call center and field-based education and enrollment specialists. We also offer a private label option where providers can use their own servicing infrastructure to deploy ProNvest’s technology and network of independent managers.