Get your employees to start thinking about their “golden years” now!

Get your employees to start thinking about their “golden years” now!

Why Managed Account Services?


In the past, retirees relied on Social Security and company-funded pensions plans. For future generations, these traditional sources of retirement income may not be available, leaving a gap between what individuals think they need to save, and what they actually need to save. (Click here to read about the forecasted decline in Social Security availability.)


An employer-sponsored retirement plan is designed to close this gap. Its purpose is to help your employees prepare for retirement and protect them from a declining standard of living. In order to adequately prepare for retirement, employees must develop a goal for retirement, make plan contributions and implement an investment strategy to help them meet their goal. Unfortunately, research often reveals that most people neglect to follow these steps to ensure they’re properly investing in retirement.



Helping Plan Sponsors


By providing ProNvest’s comprehensive advice and money-management solution, you’re able to:


  • Satisfy ERISA requirements
  • Offer a valuable employee benefit at no cost to you
  • Help increase participation and contributions
  • Address fiduciary responsibility

Simple Integration

ProNvest’s features simply overlay onto an existing retirement plan as a value-added service, with no disruption to the existing plan. All individuals have access to investment guidance and advice services at no extra cost to either the employee or the employer, with no account minimums. Participants who elect to take advantage of ProNvest’s account management service pay a competitive, affordable annual fee.