5 Budget Tips for Summer

5 Budget Tips for Summer

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Is your budget taking a hit from summer spending fever?


While finding yourself in the middle of summer may create an urge to splurge, resist the temptation of going outside the financial guidelines of your budget.


According to Experia, a whopping 86 percent of travelers spent money on a summer vacation in 2016—an average of $2,275 per person with $1,308 of that amount on credit card spending. And 35 percent of those surveyed had not saved in advance. (1)


Don’t let summer fun cause you to over indulge. Enjoy your sunshine within a budget with ProNvest’s 5 Budget Tips for Summer.


Budget Tip #1 Plan and Purchase Ahead


The closer it gets to the date of a festival or concert you may see ticket prices climb. Plan your big summer outings and events ahead of time to nix the extra cost of waiting until the last minute. Also, planning a vacation trip far in advance can help you map out a saving plan and budget for it.


Budget Tip #2 Brown Bag It


If your summer involves staying at a cabin, cottage or beach condo with a kitchen intact, bring your own food to stock it with. Some hotels may have a small kitchen available for you also. Aim to cook and prepare your meals in the kitchen instead of eating out – it can drain your wallet fast!


Budget Tip #3 Stay Alert for Deals


Set up alerts from sites you are purchasing tickets from. Whether it be for plane or train tickets, keep yourself updated for the best deal. You can even research best fares on comparison websites.


Budget Tip #4 Alternate Free and Fee Events


Give your wallet a break and mix in some free adventures to offset the cost of fees. Go for a hike, explore nature, have a picnic, and other cost-free events. Don’t forget the enjoyment of completing a bucket list of your own city.


Budget Tip #5 Buy in Bulk


Purchasing a rental car, flight, and hotel from one source may also help you save on the overall cost of your trip.




Although exciting opportunities may present themselves this summer, remember your budget should stay with you throughout it. Save in advance to map out a budget for your summer and have fun!



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