2017 Money Goals from ProNvest

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Do you have your retirement in mind?


In just a few weeks a new year will be upon us. Aside from personal aspirations for the upcoming year, have you set any financial ones?


ProNvest recommends planning before the next turn of the calendar leads to 2017. We have pinpointed goals we find important.


ProNvest’s money goals for 2017:


Review your budget. Take a look at your budget from last year to determine where you are spending more and saving less. Review where to make necessary changes if needed to your 2017 budget outlook. It is important to pay yourself first by building an emergency fund and contributing to your retirement.


Contribute more. With a new mindset on your new budget, see if you can contribute more to your retirement account. Don’t reach the realization you did not save enough – make sure you are on track by increasing your contributions or a financial check-up to see if you are investing appropriately.


Emergency Fund. Did any unexpected events happen to you this year? Did you have the money to cover it? About half of Americans believe they do not have enough money on hand to pay for a significant home repair if they needed to. Building an emergency fund, which is commonly built up to cover at least three to six months of living expenses, is a crucial money goal. (1)


2017 Annual Retirement Check-Up. Financial changes should be addressed annually in your retirement account review. Did you have any significant financial or lifestyle changes in 2016 like a pay raise or have children?


ProNvest recommends an annual retirement check-up (or as significant changes to finances occur).


The ProNvest Retirement Planner can help you address your new financial status and may recommend an update to your investment strategy to give you the highest chance of success.




It takes commitment to reach goals. Hold yourself accountable and have a successful new year by reaching for specific money goals.



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