Bucket List Your Own City

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Let expensive vacations prompt you to stay home.


Expenses from traveling can pile up. A survey of more than 2,000 Americans predicts that U.S. travelers will spend upwards of $475 billion on vacations in 2016. The survey uncovered that 95 percent of respondents plan to take at least one vacation this year, spending an average of $2,041 on their getaway. (1)


Furthermore, when calculating the cost of vacation, travel-related taxes can be a hidden hindrance to your budget. They can be found on the cost of rental cars, hotel rooms and other travel necessities. (2)


If you find yourself short on cash for your dream destination vacation, take the opportunity to explore your city.


Bucket list your own city instead.


If you are lucky to live in a vibrant city with a lot to do, take advantage of a staycation.


Make a list of locations and experiences you haven’t had the time to try and budget for it:


Restaurants/Cafés. Stop neglecting other food and drink establishments out there. Break your loyalty to your favorite restaurant or coffee joint. You can even bring a bottle of water to a café and a book to read to eliminate spending.


Shops. Maybe you don’t want to budget for the shops in town, but you can enjoy viewing items and make mental notes for future purchases. Whether it be the downtown bookstore, record store or boutique, take a look and see what is out there.


Ghost tour. Every city has history associated with it. That is why it isn’t uncommon to find ghost tours. Check to see if your city has one and learn about your city’s past.


Volunteer. Reap the rewards volunteering has and check out local volunteer opportunities. If you are an animal lover, schedule an hour or two in your day to help out at your local animal shelter.


Local attractions. Museums, hiking trails, rock climbing, yoga studios and kayaking stops are attractions tourists and locals alike should take advantage of. You may pick up a hobby after trying one.


Sports games. Never been to one of your city’s baseball or soccer games? Attend a game this time around – you may become a fan.


Any classes your city offers. Cooking, pottery and art classes may be available in your city. Try your hand at creating a new masterpiece.


You may not be able to go to every single restaurant or local cooking class during your staycation, but you can continue to work on your city bucket list even when you are back at work.




Don’t let overspending make your staycation feel like an out of city expense. Budget for each place you want to visit. Every establishment is likely to have costs listed on their website. Just give yourself some wiggle room for taxes.




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